Dimondale Staff Members

StaffMemberAs we are sometimes required to remind our residents, each of our dedicated staff members works at Dimondale because he or she wants to make a difference in a child’s life. Our employees are carefully screened before hiring, with a thorough background check performed by the Department of Justice, in addition to our careful selection process. Staff members are also both encouraged and required to participate in professional development training on a regular basis. Each is also trained in CPR, First Aid, and proven emergency restraint techniques, used only as a last resort when a child presents an immediate serious danger to herself or others. Thankfully, due to our excellent staff members, supportive environment, and professional education programs, physical intervention is almost never necessary.

Each of our Facility Managers and Supervisors also receives at least 6 hours of more intensive training in a classroom environment, at least once per year. This ensures that our facilities are always safe, clean, and appropriate environments for our residents.