How We Do It


Learn about the modalities that our program is built upon.


Dimondale provides different educational options that are core to the success of our program.


The residents at Dimondale are supervised by licensed mental, social, and counseling specialists. You can find out out what they do.


Our counseling services are extensive and deeply integrated into what we do at Dimondale. See how.


Discover how Dimondale strives for every resident to attain responsibility and self sufficiency for future success.


Mentoring plays a critical role in our residents' development. Find out how.

Life Skills Training

Learn more about the comprehensive life-skills instruction we provide.

Recreation / Leisure

Recreation and leisure are important to the success of our efforts. See why.

Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy for Clients and Staff Developed for Dimondale by Lyn Ayars & Stephen Baer Promoting and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Right from the Start! Goals for Nutrition Education Goals for Physical Activities Nutrition Standards Proper Food Handling and Storage Safety is Healthy Minimizing the Spread of Contagious Agents Other Wellness Goals and Policies Evaluation […]